Origin Flexibles is a fully integrated packaging supplier
specializing in the production flexible films.

BOPP film: 12µ-60µm 100,000 MT/year
BOPET : 12μ、15μ、20μ、30μ,30,000 MT/year
CPP film: 15-120µm, 30,000 MT/year
POF film: 12μ, 15μ、19μ、25μ、30μ

Our Total Quality commitment assures that every delivery of every package you receive passes your rigorous demands.
The roll film has good barrier and laminating strength,is used for automatic bag -making machine and excellent for high speed packaging equipment .

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Bruckner BOPP film line

Atlas Film Cutting Machine

CPP film line

BOPP coating machine

BOPET film line

POF film
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