Our top priority is to provide our customers the right flexible packaging material for their particular application.
We have four 8.2meters width BOPP film production lines from Bruckner,Germany, which located in headquarter of our group in Jiangsu province. The output was 100,000Mts in 2008 totally.Origin has been providing medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, food and commercial packaging solutions to its customers with a level of service that exceeds expectations.
We are professional in general supplying plastics Film such as BOPP FILM, M. BOPP FILM, P. BOPP FILM, H/S BOPP FILM, BOPET FILM, POF Shrink film and adhesive tape etc. We pride ourselves in offering the market innovative quality products at the highest efficiency and lowest cost. Committed to the success of our customers, we produce and sell films for generic applications as well as develop specialty films for unique applications.
Welcome to contact us and offering you an opportunity to use more cost effective sustainable materials.
Printing & Lamination, Electrical applications, reverse printing, flexible packaging film, extrusion coating and flower packaging, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes.
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