Our Products

---BOPP Film

BOPP film (Biaxially ,Oriented Polypropylene)

---BOPET Film

Biaxially-oriented poly ethylene terephthalate

---BOPP Adhesive Tape

The tapes factory has 3 high

----CPP Film

We imported two first-class CPP

----POF shrink FILM

Polyolefin Shrink Film(POF) is now the most widely used shrink

Origin Industry Co., Limited mainly supplies many kinds of plastic packaging materials, such as BOPP film, BOPET film, CPP film, heat sealable film, lamination film, thermal film, multi-lens film, anti-fog film and others.
Relying on great efforts made in the valuable repeated modification of advanced production equipment imported abroad, and scientific management, the quality of our products remains stable, and the increase of our production efficiency as well as scale-up of production are all sustained.
With a commitment to customer service and an extensive knowledge of packaging industry, we can help our customer with all their packaging requirements and specialize in providing cost effective packaging solutions.

Creative, flexible, innovative
We care for your product
Premier supplier of flexible package film in china!
We work with you to understand your needs, requirements, and challenges and develop a packaging solution that provides you with a competitive advantage
Printing & Lamination Metalizing
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